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Laurie is amazing! My Golden Doodle pup learned a lot from her.  As did I!  Thanks Laurie!!

Gemma Spillbar

Laurie has done an excellent job training my dog, Ralph.  Ralph had dog aggression issues for many years.  I've tried other trainers with no success.  After a few sessions with Laurie, Ralph's behavior began to improve. Laurie has done an amazing job helping Ralph!  I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone needing dog training services.

Ralph Miller

In just two short sessions, Laurie had my "out of control" dog walking by my side and not pulling me. I wish I had called Laurie over a year ago. Walking my dog is now a joy, not a chore.

Charlie Brown Rainey

My sweet dog is an older rescue who jumps on everyone. Laurie worked with him and with me and there is a noticeable improvement in his behavior. Laurie trained both me and Nacho. It works!

Nacho Carter

We had our first visit this morning. Hopefully Miss Vivian’s humans can put all our new info into action. Laurie and Miss Vivian got along famously! We need a well-mannered pup and feel we are on our way!

Miss Vivian Fowler

I was ready to pull my hair out from puppy training frustration. The barking and jumping were out of control. We had our first session a couple days ago and I can already see a change in my puppy. I'm looking forward to more sessions. Thank you, Lori!

Hemi Roberts

She has helped so much with my foster. Dixie now knows basic commands. We still have work to do, but she has come so far in the space of a few weeks. Dixie has gone from knowing absolutely nothing to basic obedience. Laurie has been instrumental in helping me and Dixie.

Dixie Pocher

Laurie Buckley came to my house last week for Benji’s first obedience lesson. He is a Cavalier King Charles with tons of energy, can’t get his attention , and has been the hardest dog ever to potty train. He’s 9 months old. Laurie immediately began to give me information that was so beneficial and her suggestions made so much sense. She worked with Benji and within a 30 minute period I was amazed at what was accomplished. Her demeanor with him was exceptional. I’ve done everything she suggested every day and I’ve seen a 1000% percent difference in him. We’re not all the way there yet, but I’m extremely confident with her services. 

Benji Lawrence

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